Next selling at - Bondi farmers market Saturday 21st of April from 9am onwards. Manly Village market Saturday 21st of April 8am onwards.

Stockists - Armchair collective - Mona Vale, Palm Beach Boathouse - Palm Beach, Oxford St. Design Store - Oxford Street, Accoutrement - Mosman.

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Baking and pop making

We had lovely weather at the Bondi farmers market this weekend and everyone was out in full force. We don't know if it was the weather, school holidays or the music but It turned out to be one of the busiest markets. There were also many lovely additions to the market including this amazing spiced fish banh mi and terrific tostadas. Throw in our smiling regular customers and you have a fantastic day.


With all the Pure Pop making there is barely enough time in the day to bake or cooking anything else. So, when the opportunity is there we grab it. Georgi had mentioned some amazing biscuits she made for work and they happened to be from one of my favourite bakers and recipe writers Dan Lepard. Everything I have ever baked from his recipes always turns out amazingly well. After the market I grabbed some very special crunchy peanut butter and a slab of dark chocolate and set to work.

See the glistening chocolate blob still warm from the oven? Well I ate five. I really should have stopped at three but couldn't resist - yes they were that good. So what to do? Well make roast carrot soup of course! To balance that binge of sweet with something wholesome and made from vegetables - simple logic. 

One of the best and down right easiest dinners is roast "something" soup. Who would have thought humble roast cauliflower soup could taste so good? We'll lets just say my other go-to recipe inspiration Em taught me how to take the carrots from the bottom of the fridge and turn them into a comforting delight. I know this recipe off by heart but if you are looking for it you can find it below. Yay soup for dinner and lunch tomorrow!

Roast carrot soup with lemon, yoghurt and whatever herbs
Serves 6-8
1.2 kg carrots, preferably organic
70 ml olive oil
Finely grated rind and juice of 2 lemons
1 onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1.5 litres (6 cups) chicken or vegetable stock
200 gm thick natural yoghurt, plus extra to serve
Herbs such as mint, dill or parlsey, to serve

1. Preheat oven to 200C. Coarsely chop the carrots (no need to peel) and combine in a bowl with 30ml oil and lemon rind, season to taste and toss to combine and coat well. Spread on a large oven tray (or 2 smaller trays) in a single layer and roast until very tender and browned on the edges (11⁄4 - 11⁄2 hours).
2. Meanwhile, heat remaining oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat, add remaining oil, onion and garlic and sauté until very tender (4-5 minutes). Add stock and roast carrots, bring to the boil and cook for 15 minutes. remove from heat, add yoghurt and lemon juice to taste, the process with a hand-held blender until very smooth and thin to a soup consistency with water if required. Check seasoning and adjust to your taste. Refrigerate until required or keep warm if serving immediately.
3.  Serve roast carrot soup hot dolloped with Greek yoghurt. Em suggests herbs such as mint or dill but I happened to have parsley. 

Recipe from Em Knowles.

Monday, 2 April 2012

All quiet on the pop front

Sorry for the lack of posts things have been flat out on the Pure Pops front. We finished the fantastic Taste of Sydney festival and had an amazing time. It was wonderful to meet so many people who are just as excited about Pure Pops as we are. In between selling pops we were able to sample some very tasty products including Charlie and co's mini dogs, Booza's incredible stretchy ice-cream (home-made fig jam was our favourite), Gooseberry catering's colourful macarons, Two Italian boys wine, Farmer Jo's delicious muesli (love their packaging) and too many more to think of.

After Taste we were lucky enough to be part of the awesome Secret Garden festival's VIP night and then set up home in the beautiful Accoutrement store in Mosman. Pop in and grab a Pure Pop any time your heart (tummy) desires.

Pure Pops sweet set up for Taste

Lovin' it at Secret Garden 

Get to Mosman now!

Saturday, 3 March 2012


It's been a tough decision but the time has come to judge the ultimate Pure Pop flavour competition. There was an amazing array of flavours but the winner is Alice Dore with her retro style pop the banana split - banana vanilla choc top. There will be limited numbers so get to Taste quick smart and we'll throw in a cherry on top! Because it was such a difficult decision we would like to give Georgie Esdaile two tickets for her awesome combo - kiwi and finger lime. We will get to that one next summer. Thanks again for all the great ideas and we look forward to seeing you all this week at Taste.

all summer long

Even though it's the official end of summer, Pure Pops are here to stay. This week we were proud to become part of two of the most beautiful places in Sydney - The Armchair Collective (Mona Vale) and The Boathouse (Palm Beach). So if you don't get enough Pure Pop action on Saturdays at the markets head up the beaches and have them seven days a week. Don't forget to try their legendary choc shakes and fish and chips!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Last weekend of Summer

Who could believe the best was yet to come. The last weekend of Summer finally showed us some sunshine and we lapped it up, just like the lovely bulldog Molly. Sorry for the lack of posts we've been all over the place including Tasmania which was 38C, we need to get some Pure Pops down there quick smart. Here are some pictures from sunny Bondi, thanks everyone for coming along and we'll see you all next week. Also don't forget to enter our facebook competition which ends this Sunday the 4th of March.

Monday, 13 February 2012

life instyle

We are thrilled to be part of the unique life instyle event showcasing many of our favourite designers - hello Megan Park. Opening night is Thursday the 23rd of Feb, a great chance to look at some amazing products while snacking on a delicious mini Pure Pop. Life instyle runs from the 23rd to the 26th at Hordern Pavilion. Check out there super cute blog and site for more info. We'll see you there.

Beautiful throws from Mr. Fallow

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pure pops glory

The count down has begun....only four weeks left until the Taste of Sydney 2012 To kick off festivities we're offering four free passes to the event. Post your perfect Pure Pop flavour on our facebook page (like us too to make it official) for the chance to win. Also included is a Pure Pops prize pack of twenty pops (including your custom flavour) and the resounding glory of your own personalised pop. Don't forget to also swing by Gooseberry catering's stall and grab one of their picture perfect macarons. Entries close on the 4th of March so get poppin'

inspiration provided by the fantastic Vanessa Levis

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nice splice

With a busy week creating the new Pure Pop favourite -  the pine-lime and young coconut splice, we were still able to fit in a fantastic dinner at The Eathouse diner.

It was pouring yet we didn't notice as this retro haven had plenty to look and talk about. The food was awesome, dishes we sampled included the rainbow heirloom carrot slaw with torn buffalo mozzarella, crisp school prawns with iceberg and avocado, pinto black bean chilli with a door stopping wedge of golden corn bread and a dream boat of a banana split. Hit Redfern and do some eating now.

pine-lime and young coconut splice

crisp school prawns with iceberg and avocado

rainbow heirloom carrot slaw

love the umbrella

ps sorry about the dark photos.

Monday, 30 January 2012

four days and four breakfasts

By some weird string of events (possibly La Nina?) we can no longer boast to our Victorian friends that all is sunny in Sydney. Normally their jealous sighs can be heard when we pronounce (maybe a little smugly) that yes once again we are at the beach and the weather is picture perfect. But alas it is now us that have to huff and puff. Melbourne really turned it on this unofficial long weekend in weather and breakfast snacking stakes.

Each morning we were greeted by another delightful sunny wake-up call. We sampled smashed feta and avocado at three bags full, awesome coffee and sake cured salmon at St. Ali, thick slabs of grilled cheese and thyme toast at Friends of Mine and house-made smoky beans at Pillar of salt.

But rest assured Sydney we're back (possibly a few extra kilos too) and ready to sell this Saturday at Bondi Farmers market. Our gleaming 120kg shaved ice block will be on display too so come and grab a shaved ice and cool off (hopefully) from the Sydney summer heat. And yes Sydney our hearts and tummies still belong to you.

Pillar of Salt

three bags full

what all good breakfast need - cauliflower. Three bags full.

St Ali - sake cured trout and bagel

Friday, 20 January 2012

the freezer is pop-a-block

It has been a big week and an even bigger weekend is planned. The freezer is stacked with these frosty treats. Head to Bondi Farmers market (9-1pm) or Manly school Village (8.30-4pm) tomorrow to take the pressure down. We have a special guest appearance from Tommy running the Manly camp so call in and boost his sales. See you all tomorrow.

thanks Will M!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

bondi to bread and circus

Despite a grey old sky we had a great day at Bondi. It was wonderful to see all our customers after the Christmas break.

With the car loaded we smoked it to Alexandria to check out the new wholefood canteen bread and circus. The delightful name was definitely a big drawcard. Nestled behind Campos on Fountain Street, bread and circus is a beautiful light space scattered with treasures. Bison plates and jugs, pastel hued hydrangeas and delicious food.

We completely over ordered - not unusual but also unavoidable with this menu. Busting for a chicken schnitzel and potato salad sandwich, we were seconds too late with the last being sold minutes before. However, we loaded up on potato, kale, chive and parmesan soup (the side is huge for $7) and a rainbow plate of salad - earthy beetroots with yoghurt and hazelnut, char-grilled zucchini with summer sweet tomatoes dressed with lashing of lemon and oil. Triumphant.

Last but not least (this is actually a small lie as we started the meal with one and also finished it as well) was the awesome chocolate chunk cookie scattered with sea salt and a big handful of hazelnuts.
An awesome Saturday - check out bread and circus now.

Yes we photographed the cookie twice!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ice ice Bondi

Pure Pops are back in Bondi and it's the first market for twenty twelve. We've had a great break chilling at the beach and sampling our new creations. Head down this weekend and try a shaved ice from our 120kg mega block. Or if pops take your fancy cool off with watermelon and lime, mango pineapple and passionfruit, classic vanilla malt shake, strawberry rhubarb and vanilla ripple or pine-lime. Pumped for a hot one.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

pool pony

Ok so, perhaps not completely pop related but we're obsessed with this pool and can't stop dreaming about it. Imagine yourself floating on a neon pool pony eating copious amounts of watermelon Pure Pops. Giddy up!

Another cracker from note to self

Pirate pops - swashbuckling watermelon